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SpaceDogWP Pro Package Information

SpaceDogWP builds WordPress sites fast and efficiently. Because of the sheer volume of sites we produce, and the process that we have refined, we are able to offer basic WordPress sites at extremely low prices.

The Pro package is great for taking your site to the next level. It includes everything from the basic package and full SEO set up to make sure your site is seen by all search engines. Our process requires only a few items from you, and we’ll help you through each step of the process.

From order to delivery, SpaceDogWP can roll out a site in as little as 48 hours.

Here are the stages of the development progression:

  1. Customer places order
  2. Customer fills out information regarding theme, content, and other customized aspects of the project
  3. SpaceDogWP completes customer requests and delivers the order

The Pro Package Includes the following:


Installation of WordPress via cPanel onto your domain

SpaceDogWP will use the cPanel Information you provide, to install WordPress onto your site. If you do not have hosting or a domain, we can provide the best hosting & domain for your new site.


Database Installation

We will create a database in your hosting account, this is required for installing and operating a WordPress site.


Setup and Configuration of Basic Theme/Template

SpaceDogWP offers different templates and themes that can be configured to your needs. Any content you provide can be customized based on your requests.


Setup and Configuration of Site Details

We will configure the site to optimise performance & also configure any basic requests you have to make your own unique site.


Permalink Creation

A permalink is the web address used to link to your site content. The URL to each post / page should be permanent, and never change. We will set-up your sites permalinks ready for search engines to see them.


SEO Set Up

We will set-up your sites categories, pages, plugins, sitemap, robots.txt file & everything else so that your site is ready for search engines to see them.

Order The SpaceDogWp Pro Package Today!

SpaceDogWP - Pro

  • Yoast SEO installed and configured
  • XML Sitemap generated
  • Google Analytics installed
  • Image Compression Plug-in
  • Social Media share buttons


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